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Food Fantasy Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide

Hey, why is the food of mine really a cute female? Welcome to the world of Food Fantasy, a hybrid restaurant simulator and tactical team based RPG. The mystical heroes in the magical world of Tierra are in fact named after real world dishes, though they've man appearances! Our Food Fantasy cheats and suggestions are going to go over some suggestions on how you can handle your food buddies well!

Tiramisu, lobster, spaghetti - it is named by you, Food Fantasy has a hero based on it. This innovative game caught our attention rapidly and we hope it does the same for you. With that said, let us get going with our Food Fantasy cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Balance managing and your fighting!

You don't ever need to go too long without checking on the restaurant of yours or even hold off on playing through the story battles - they key is actually all about balance! Before you decide to head off into the wilderness to have on a few fallen angels, stop by your restaurant to find out in case your staff members has dishes to serve. Queue some up in case you do not, and even in case you do top off the reserves of yours!

The way, as you're battling through the story amounts, the restaurant of yours will go on to do business and you'll be continuously generating gold to invest. Remember that in case your restaurant operates out of prepped dishes, all development will come to a screeching halt!

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Make a balanced combat team of Food Souls!

Food Souls are actually classifying as one of the 4 battle classes. Attackers (dual swords icon) are actually fast melee fighters that have attack speed and high attack power. Mages (star icon) are actually ranged attackers that fling devastating spells with higher critical speed and damage.

Defenders (shield icon) normally have critical rate/damage and low attack, though they make up for it with higher HP and defense, making them very well suited for frontline combat, defending the majority of the team of yours. Supports (cross icon) focus on buffing and healing, to keep your staff quite healthy through the heat of battle.

Each category is actually essential to the success of yours in battle, and because there are actually 5 slots for food souls, you've all of the area you have to produce a healthy team!

Put ingredients in wisely!

Have you been consistently failing at building new dishes? The trick is actually crossing reference between the recipe book of yours and the ingredients list. The recipe guide is going to show you all of the fundamental dishes for whichever starting cuisine you selected, and you are able to get a basic hint of what you have to discover new dishes.

With that information, take a peek at the ingredient list. Right here you are able to see every ingredient in the game, and it'll actually show you exactly where you are able to buy said ingredients. Today, the fun part is actually putting all of this together and guessing which ingredients go together. For instance, Strawberry Ice cream will have Milk Cream Strawberry!

Furthermore, as you advance through the primary story doing the missions as you go, often you'll be rewarded with a cookbook which will help you a brand new dish instantly, therefore you do not have to do some guesswork.

Check out daily signs and the events in!

Besides the day sign in bonus, you'll want to check out the continuous events. Several events, like the fifteen days of sign in and Food Feast event, offer special diamonds (the premium currency Soul and) Embers as rewards. Soul Embers are needed for summoning new food souls, therefore you are going to want to accumulate a great deal of that real fast.

Hunt down food soul shards!

As you're leveling your food souls' stats and skills, at some point you'll ultimately strike max level. Although you want the necessary quantity of shards before you are able to do so, at this stage you are able to Ascend your food soul. In case you summon a food soul you currently have, you are going to get shards for them instead.

Besides that, you are going to need to personally search for shards in the story amounts. Do note that nearly all food soul shards are only able to decrease in the hard mode edition of the levels, so be ready for a battle before hunting is started by you.

Unlimited Crystals in Food Fantasy?

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